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Best Computer and Laptop Repair Service in Nagpur, India

Many reasons to choose us

Great Price

Our pricing are highly discounted and affordable.

Trained and qualified Engineers

Specialized and experienced team to diagnose and fault repair

Quality Spares

Focus on quality spare part replacement

Guaranteed Quality Service

We focus on quality and so our service is guaranteed.

Specialize Onsite Tech Support

Provides home services on call basis.

Call Support

Professionals will give support and guidance to resolve issues.

Our Teams and Services

Computer and Laptop repair (hardware and software) is our passion for a well known trusted company Best Solution, Nagpur, India. We specialise in Computer & Laptop Repairs, Virus removal, Data Recovery, PC Troubleshooting & much more. We provide instant PC maintenance services to diagnose & repair problems related to computer and its peripheral. We provide Best Onsite Computer/ Laptop Repair, formatting, installation of drivers, printer, antivirus, internet and networking solution and modem configuration in Nagpur. Best Solution is also expert in offering impressive services such as Website Design and web Development, ecommerce website development, responsive web design, graphic designing, SEO, Digital Marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. We have a team of professionals and expert who are well experienced and working since long in this field to carry out repair and maintenance services.

We provide our services at highly discounted rate. Customer satisfaction is our prime motive and so is achieved by serving the best quality work to our clients within a stipulated time frame. Our services are explained in Hardware, Software, Internet and Networking section.


Computer Hardware is physical device which we can see and touch like keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU etc. Inside the Computer, there are number of sophisticated electronic and electrical components. Due to dust, dirt and environmental degradation, this hardware component may have wear & tear and thus Computer may malfunction. We provide top solution to our client. We carry out world class reliable repair and maintenance activity on Hardware devices like:-

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Hard disc
  • LAN Card
  • RAM(Random Access Memory)
  • PSU(Power Supply Unit)
  • Motherboard
  • CD /DVD Reader/Writer
  • Internet Modem
  • Router
  • Network Switches
  • Speaker, Head Phone
  • Web camera
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Fax machine
  • Video projector etc.


Software is a set of instructions given to the computer to perform any desired task. This set of instructions is also called program. To make Computer /Laptop hardware work, we have to program computer/Laptop i.e. to install the desired software in the computer/Laptop. Example of software are Window XP, Window 7, Window 10 operating system, driver of a printer, MS Office and many more. If the proper software, drivers, plug-in is not installed on computer, the computer will not perform desired task. Best solution provides top solution and satisfaction to their client. We provide top solution to the software like:-

  1. Installation of Computer
  2. Formatting of computer/Laptop.
  3. Installation of operating system like Window 7, Window 10 etc.
  4. Installation of printer & its driver
  5. Installation of software like Microsoft office (word pad, excel, power point, note pad etc.)
  6. Installation of Java, adobe reader, flash player, winrar etc.
  7. Installation of audio /video driver
  8. Installation of LAN driver
  9. Installation of Google Crome, Opera, Internet explorer etc.
  10. Installation of antivirus to protect PC from malware attack.
  11. Installation of any user specific application software.
  12. Broadband Installation
  13. Computer Networking


Computer that is having internet connection are getting connected with all Server/Computers in the world that have also internet connection.  There are billion are computers in the world that are connected each other with wire or without wire. All these computers can communicate each other. They can send data or receive data. This interconnection of computers forms a huge Network. To have a smooth communication among computers, there are certain rules to be followed. That rules or policy is called Internet Protocol. Now, to identify each computer on this huge computer network, IP address has been used.

We have a team of expert who deal with IP address configuration, Modem Configuration etc to ensure smooth functioning of internet and Broadband connection. We maintain Office intranet Computer Networking in business companies.


Is your Internet Connection not working?

Our internet and networking engineers will visit your home or office to solve your problem. Call us immediately.

Is your Computer or Laptop working slow?

Our computer expert will diagnose and resolve your issues. Call us immediately.

Does your Computer or Laptop restart itself or keep restarting?

Call us. Our Computer engineers will ensure that your PC/ Laptops are Working well.

Keyboard, mouse, printer or other peripherals are not working properly.

May be driver software or hardware issues. We have all types of driver software. Suitable software will be installed on your computer / Laptop to make your computer devices / peripherals work well.


“Best Solution repaired my laptop and it has not overlooked anything. He really does what he says.His pricing is very reasonable.  He attends the call and visit quickly. I would recommend him to everybody.”

                            MAHESH YADAV

“I am very happy with the setup for Windows and the speed of the computer. He is quick in expediting customer service. Exceptionally careful in ensuring every one of the parts went together and the product was perfect.”

                               M K DAHAKE

“Whenever I have problems with my computer, I’d call Best Solution first.  His frame of mind is to help you wherever he can. His charge is very reasonable. I’ve been helped on many occasions before in saving the cost of repair.”

                           PRAVIN KUMAR